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Catalyst PCs provides preconfigured, optimized, and secured Windows 10 virtual computers for use on Macintosh computers. Get everything you need to run Windows applications on your Mac Fast! Get a Catalyst vPC with Windows 10 for you personal, business, or education needs.

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Get everything you need to run Windows applications on your Mac with a preconfigured, optimized, and secured Windows 10 Pro vPC with Parallels Desktop Business Edition and Microsoft Office 2019 applications preinstalled.
Get Windows On Your Mac FAST
For years people have asked the question: What’s Better, Mac or PC?
But before answering that let’s answer the following questions?
What’s better speaking just English or just Spanish? The answer is both.
What’s better being able to drive just stick or just automatic? The answer is both.
What’s better than just eating vanilla ice cream or just eating chocolate ice cream? The answer is both.
So, what’s better Mac or PC? The answer is both.
Get the benefits of both Mac and PC, the ability to run any application you need regardless of the operating system, and the best of both that combined is more than what either can provide alone. With a Mac running Windows you’ll be able to “speak both languages” fluently and without limitations.
Additionally, for business, organizations, education, and government Catalyst PCs™ can save money, time, and hours of effort with any dual OS Mac/Windows built configuration, and deployment scenarios. 
By having the flexibility to run virtually anything; you open up to the opportunity to do anything. 
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Why Choose Catalyst PCs™?

Catalyst PCs™ makes the process for running Windows on your Mac Faster, Easier, and Supported.
  • Each Catalyst vPC comes with Windows pre-installed and is 100% ready to run.
  • All Windows software update and malicious software detection definitions are pre-installed saving you 4 hours of installation time on average.
  • Each Catalyst vPC comes secured and optimized with the removal of installation files, is scanned for viruses, and the hard drives are compressed to save disk space and saving you hours of time.
  • With Catalyst PCs™ the process of getting up and running is as simple as: buy, download, and install.
  • The installation process ensures you have everything you need to run your Windows vPC and be up and running in minutes.
  • Not only does Catalyst PCs™ make thing easier and cheaper, but as an Original Equipment Manufacturer we are able to sell Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro at a discounted price from standard retail pricing, saving you money.
  • If there are any issues with your installation of your vPC on your Mac, Catalyst PCs™ provides free support for 30-days from date of purchase to assist you and ensure you’re able to run your Windows computer on your Mac. If you want additional support beyond the initial 30-days you can purchase monthly, bi-annual, and annual packages for access to updated vPC images for re-installation and installation assistance. You’ll never hear “We don’t support Windows on Mac” from Catalyst PCs™.
Volume Licensing

Catalyst PCs also sells bulk volume licensing for business, government, education, and non-profit organizations. If you are interested in getting volume purchasing discounts for your organization, please visit our volume licensing page to request a quote.

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